Patient experiences


I hope that my story will inspire many people who have similar problems with occlusion to have no fear, and, if living with that problem, is difficult, to have the courage to do it. And it there’s a start, there will be a finish with a perfect smile on a face too.

Deimante, when did you realize that your jaw is causing you troubles? What kind of difficulties were they?

Since childhood, I had very crooked teeth, so parents decided to take me to doctor orthodontist, who manufactured a plate for me. This plate was supposed to straighten my teeth, but I seldom wore it, I’d go to school without it because I was ashamed to speak with it in my mouth. I agonized with this plate for about a year until finally, we decided to renounce it. I began sensing problems related to malocclusion when I was about 16 years old: I couldn’t bite off food, it was difficult to chew it, so I ate half chopped food, slept with open mouth, breathing properly was difficult, I felt extremely distressed because of my appearance, but… I was young, treatment frightened me, nobody was throwing insults at me because of malocclusion, so I procrastinated with my visit to doctors.

When did you decide to have treatment?

When I was no longer able to look in the mirror because my occlusion got even worse, my chin tilted to the side, and I couldn’t bear the discomfort. Then I decided I need to do something about it. I was 27 back then. My mom found a good orthodontist, who, after examining me, immediately said I needed an orthognathic surgery. She shared the contacts of doctor Simonas Grybauskas with me and said that I should turn to him if I’ll finally make up my mind. It took me one week to decide. After two weeks, I sat in the chair at the doctor’s S. Grybauskas office. He compiled a treatment plan, and from that moment, the treatment commenced.

Have you heard of this treatment method before visiting the doctor?

I heard about this treatment method by gossip, and I learned about it more broadly when I decided to have surgery. Doctor Simonas Grybauskas informed me about the course of treatment, so I knew what awaits me before and after the surgery, and one week before the surgery, I saw on a simulation on a computer screen, displaying what my appearance will likely be after it.

Have you considered any other alternatives?

There were no alternatives because orthodontists informed me that if I decided not to have surgery, the treatment with braces would be useless because they would straighten the teeth. Still, the position of the jaw would remain the same. Doctor S. Grybauskas himself confirmed the same information.

Apart from doctors’ consultations, did you rely on the experiences of other people?

A soon as I decided to have surgery, I took an interest in the experiences of other people, I used to read various advises in forums, about their sensations before and after the surgery. I even found contacts of a person who had surgery and communicated with him. I inquired about things that were important to me, and he would always answer my questions.

What was the reaction like of your family and friends when they learned that you’re going to have surgery?

I received support from the people who are closest to me. Since it’s not a simple surgery, and I’m the only child in the family, my parents were anxious about me; however, they always supported my decision. Back then, my future husband also helped and encouraged me in every possible way, although he said that he loved me as I am for all those years. On the other hand, seeing how distressed I was due to this problem, he understood me and patiently waited for my new appearance to come to being. My all other acquaintances couldn’t understand why I have decided to suffer so much and, in their understanding, to have such complicated surgery. They used to say that I’m pretty as I am, that I invent problems, that there’s no need to change anything; however, my determination was strong because I felt colossal discomfort when eating, sleeping, breathing, and, of course, I felt unattractive.

How did you prepare for the surgery?

I eagerly anticipated the surgery, so it seemed that the anticipation took very long. The wait was stressful; a period of wearing braces wasn’t easy either; six teeth had to be removed also. I continued to feel unattractive because, during the period of preparation for surgery, my teeth were getting straightened, and the occlusion was getting worse (this is the natural course of the treatment). I felt no fear throughout the entire treatment period, I trusted doctor Simonas and his team, but on the day of the surgery, I was horrified and plagued by uncertainty about what will happen afterward.

Waking up after the surgery was the most challenging part, it was extremely difficult to breathe, speak, I was troubled by nausea, and that feeling when you look in the mirror and what you see is not you, but somebody else… For all remaining days, I felt great, and swelling was moderate, I syringe-fed myself, tried to eat and walk a lot. Since my surgery took place in Kaunas, doctor Simonas couldn’t visit me for examination every day, so doctor Dainius Razukevičius took care of me, and I communicated with Simonas by phone. He’d sent messages every morning, asking me how I felt. Even after returning home, if any questions popped up, I’d write doctor Simonas, and he’d answer me at any time.

In your opinion, what is critically important when deciding and choosing orthognathic treatment? What would you advise other people who encounter a similar situation?

I think that firm decisiveness, determination, and support of those around you is essential. Once you make a firm decision, that long treatment and surgery no longer seem scary. I hope that my story will inspire many people who have similar problems with occlusion to have no fear, and, if living with that problem, it isn’t elementary to have the courage to do it. And it there’s a start, there will be a finish with a perfect smile on a face too.

Are you living with a smile on your face now?

My life had changed radically, the quality of life improved, finally, I can have a good bite of sandwich, chew, breathing is easy, I can sleep calmly, apart from all this, I feel beautiful. I gained more self-confidence; I get more compliments. I got married nine months after surgery, and I was the most beautiful bride with a perfect smile. Even though braces were still on, I always felt great!

If you could turn back time, already knowing and experiencing as much as you have now, would you still choose to have orthognathic treatment?

Surely, yes! I’ve no regret, and I’m happy about this decision!


Orthognathic treatment always includes the joint work of doctor orthodontist and surgeon’s team. The team of Dr. Simonas Grybauskas would like to express gratitude to orthodontists Irma Andziulienė and Živilė Neverauskienė for their collaboration. Such treatment results were accomplished by courtesy of them.