Temporary dentures are plastic dentures, worn until the wounds will heal after extraction of teeth, implantation, bone augmentation procedure, etc. Plastic crowns or bridges are of good quality, aesthetically, just like natural teeth; however, as time goes by, they tend to lose the color, sheen, and wear down, so they are used only temporarily. As healing period expires, they are substituted with permanent metal, non-metal or zirconium ceramic crowns or bridges.

Temporary dentures can be applied in the following cases:

  • After removal of a tooth (teeth);
  • After the implant (implants) has been screwed in;
  • After removal of old dentures;
  • After bone augmentation procedure;

Why temporary dentures are needed:

  • For aesthetic appearance;
  • To chew food;
  • Protects the sensitive tissues in the oral cavity from hot, cold food;
  • To prevent the adjacent teeth from “migrating” towards the space of the extracted tooth;
  • So that the gums could retain their shape;
  • So that the patient could get accustomed to dentures.

If you will decide to start treatment, the doctor orthopedist or doctor odontologist will take your dental impressions first and will order temporary dentures to be manufactured by dental technicians at a dental laboratory. Upon arrival to the procedure (tooth extraction, implantation, bone augmentation, or removal of old dentures), the temporary dentures will be already manufactured. After the procedure, they will be adjusted in your oral cavity and worn until a time for prosthodontics comes.

In case, when all teeth are extracted, temporary plates for the maxilla and mandible will be manufactured at the dental laboratory.

Doctor’s recommendations:

  • Temporary dentures are manufactured from plastic, so hard food should be avoided to prevent their breakage.
  • They are attached by using temporary cement, so they can unglue or fall off. It’s not a problem, and the doctor will readjust them upon arrival to the clinic.