Upon arrival for consultation (ORTO-1), the patient must bring along the following items:

  • Panoramic image of the oral cavity (orthopantomogram);
  • Lateral cephalogram (radiograph) of the head;
  • Gypsum dental castings can be made by your orthodontist;

The course of the consultation:

  • You will be received by the assistant of maxillofacial surgeon, who will collect all information necessary for compilation of treatment plan;
  • If you will not have gypsum dental casts and x-ray images, the clinic can offer to have them done on-site;
  • Your ocllusion problems, health disorders, and past diseases will be discussed in general terms;
  • Your face will be photographed from the front and in profile;
  • The assistant shall forward all the necessary information and diagnostic materials to maxillofacial surgeon to compile the treatment plan.
  • The administrator shall register you for the next appointment to oral, maxillofacial surgeon for presentation of the treatment plan.